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Anyone out there responsible for a University Web Presence? I'm interested in forming a group that shares our unique set of challenges, and perhaps create a set of best practices/solutions from which we can all benefit.

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I work for a Community College in California and would be interested in this discussion group.
I'm the web producer for a large community college also in California and am always interested in usability.
I was remembering my experience back in college days when I created the college website.
I wish I was aware of UX and website best practices that time.

One of the biggest challenge I faced that time , if I recall, smaller college management ( I am from a very small college in a small town ) has an urge to mimic bigger college or university website, instead of focusing on own USP.

And another difficulty is, management pushing hard to build the website like a online brochure rather than functional web presence. Mission Vision, Principal speak gets more importance than News, events, buddy finder and alumni.

That is my personal experience.
I'm afraid I am not responsible for any university websites however I have 2 friends who are and would be happy to point them this way when the discussion gets going.
I used to work in a university in Singapore. I more than happy to share my experience. Cheers
Hi Brian and all,

We have created a new "Group" section on HFI Connect which will enable you to create a group space for Higher Education Web Sites. Look for the Group section in the center section under the Forum discussions. Click on +Add a group and follow the easy instructions for creating your group. Please let me know if you need help getting this started.

Diane, HFI Connect Community Host
We've created a Higher Education Websites Group to replace this forum. No real discussions yet, but I plan to throw a few questions out there very soon. Please join us!



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