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I am preparing a small ppt presentation to  the Regional VP of my organization. We do some Usability work, but not in depth. I want to make the management aware of its value add and ROI we can give our customers and in turn gain more business.

Can anyone who has similar experience guide?
Please feel free to give your opinions.

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Hey Trupti,

Give them facts and figures, not emotion derived from usabillity testing
Translate your numbers into their numbers
example: 50 second save per action can be $xx.xx extra profit a year.

Extra profit is much more interesting thans 50 second save for an executive
I completely agree with you. Most of the time .. its bit tricky to give explanations to the higher level people.
What are their business KPIs? Show how usability can add to the success of those things.
For example: my old company was big on lowering customer service calls and time on the phone. So you show them how a better site allows the user to find what they need without picking up the phone!
Always think about what the company really wants and figure out how their focus can be tied into usability.

:) Abbie
Executives really don't care about Usability - they are interested in results and outcomes

Read this book:
The other day I had the thought that "not" bringing usability into the picture..."leaves money on the table". Every company wants to maximize profits and never, never, never "leave money on the table". Viewing usability as an extra component if there is time, is essentially like backing off your conversion rate and..."leaving money on the table". I haven't had a chance to present it that way yet; but it sounds good enough to consider it.
Hey Trupti,

I was wondering how your presentation went?

Hello All,


Thank you all for sharing your experiences and opinions. My presentation was good, I think more presentations will be required to convince how Usability is important.



Trupti, hi

See my slide share presented at the 2008 UPA in Baltimore. Steal what works for you and forget the rest.



let me know how it works out. 



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