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New white paper "Kindle Fire: Solid proof that usability is no longer enough!

Amazon’s Kindle Fire launched in late 2011 with much fanfare and mixed reviews. Millions of units were sold in the fourth quarter, but the media reviews focused on weaknesses in the design.

What would cause millions of people to purchase the Kindle Fire in spite of design features that could be better?

In this article I go beyond classic usability to consider the overall user experience and discuss:

  • How the Kindle Fire is an ecosystem solution
  • Using PET (Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust) Analysis to uncover the blocks and drives that influence Fire buyers’ decisions
  • The impact of engineering fun into the design of the Kindle Fire


You can download the white paper Kindle Fire: Solid Proof that Usability is No Longer Enough! at:



To discuss or ask questions about the paper, please reply to this post.

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Dear Dr. Schaffer,

I just received this whitepaper. I must say that diagrams there are absolutely unreadable because of poor pictures quality. Do you test your publications for usability prior to sending them out?  I think that publishing unusable materials is a shame for usability provider.




Dear Konstantin,

Thank you for your sincere feedback. I apologize this is not the highest standard you would expect from HFI. We are working to improve the readability of the diagrams.  As soon as possible we will make available an improved version of the white paper. I will let you know when we have it. Thanks again for your comment.


Guy Harvey

Community Host

Charts from the Kindle Fire white paper. Click on the image to see larger view:

Ecosystem Example

Pet Analysis

Pet Analysis chart 2



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