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US News & World Report ranked usability/user experience specialist as one of their "Best Careers." Complete article

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Great News for the UE/UX professionals!
I just wonder if it is time yet to differentiate the core competencies of UE and UX Professionals. As these terms are almost always being used interchangeably. Causing confusion (read negation of existence of such professions) to other related professional and often giving an impression as if these are just 'TERMS'.
People in general often miss the concerns that are involved in UE and UX and how the approach, though generally grounded in User Centered Process, have marked differentiators.
Or may be I am too early for detailing the differentiators in processes. Am I ?

Jyoti Kumar
Well I would be interested in what everyone sees as the key differentiators there, Jyoti. As I'm not yet a student of HFI perhaps I have been missing out on that count? Could you please point me at the right resource or clarify?



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