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What challenges are involved in marketing a website which focuses on a specific & limited user group (ex: farmers)?

And what according to you are ways that will help the website to:
- increase the reach
- increase the participation
- ensure the users engage themselves and benefit out of it

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Well, if you think about the farmer demographic (I live in Iowa so not too far of a reach here):

1. Most farmers live in rural areas. Even though satellite provides Internet connections, most are still on dial-up. So you want to be very aware of file size.

2. Not tech savy - some of the younger farmer generation are more techies, but for the most part most aren't. I'd stick to easy navigation with big call outs for the features you are promoting.

3. Best way to find out more about your audience, start with a survey and focus group.

Good luck!
Talk to them, and you'll find out. :)
The most Important part here is to match the culture of the farmers.
To see what their mental model is and what is that in the website which motivate them to use it.

Oops, how could I be so foolish and have not asked them directly :)



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