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Originally published: Nov 30, 2011


"Out of nowhere, Lean UX is now a hot topic for UX professionals, generating the complete range of responses, from complete buy-in to calling it complete bulls**t. Is there really something to this? Or is it, as I've heard several times now, an attempt to rebrand what we already do in the name of selling more workshops?

I was very curious about all this, so I set out to learn what Lean UX was all about. I've talked to dozens of folks in all areas of the UX field and dug into what people mean when they talk about it.

My conclusion: There really is something here. Lean UX is an important new way to think about what we do, and I think there's real meat on it. Let me explain."


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I like this part:

"In the Agile world, we don't expect to predict the final design from the start. The entire purpose of Agile's rapid iterations are to explore what that design should be - what would be best for the users and the business, by producing a series of experiments."


Thanks Jared!

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