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"User Experience (UX) represents a user’s perceptions of a system’s aspects, including ease of use, utility, and efficiency of the man-machine interface. User Experience design focuses on building systems that reflect a deep understanding of end users, what they need, and what they value, and it reflects an understanding of their abilities and limitations.

A common Agile challenge is how to incorporate the User Experience into a rapid Iteration cycle, including implementation of visual design, navigation, and user interface (UI) elements. When teams attempt to resolve complex (and seemingly subjective) user interactions while simultaneously trying to develop and test incremental deliverables, they often end up “churning” through many iterations. This can be a source of frustration with the Agile process. UX/UI implementation is further complicated by the necessity of User Experience testing. Since it may not always be practical to run User Experience tests and gain feedback within the same iteration that implements new functionality, the result can be delayed feedback that affects future iterations, reduces velocity, and introduces delays in delivery.

Fortunately, Agile Teams have found a number of practices for addressing this important design element. Keys include having the User Experience design track a bit ahead as part of the Architectural Runway for a system, centralizing design guidance but not implementation, and leveraging iterations and working code to drive out uncertainty and risk through fast user feedback."

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