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"I just started as an Agile coach for a big player in the financial market in the Netherlands. This company chose 2 years ago for a transition to Agile for all of their ICT projects and employees (app. 800) within the ICT-department. So I stepped in when a lot of transition work was already done and I was curious about how far they are.

The first impression was very positive. I am part of a team of 7 Agile coaches responsible for training, coaching and supporting projects in Agile techniques and practices. Each Agile coach is supporting 5 to 8 projects in a specific Business area and is also coaching the management team of that business area.
The result of 2 years effort is visible. Everywhere you walk, you stumble upon Agile dashboards and stand-up meetings in process. Project teams gather around dashboards, in all different sizes and designs, doing a quick session to get in sync with each other and check if they can meet the goal where they gave their commitment to. Support and business representatives join the stand-up meetings and are actively involved in the result. What I also see is that the teams are learning and improving. Retrospectives are held after iterations and lessons learned are gathered and implemented in the next iteration. These improvements lead to more transparency, better collaboration and communication within the teams and between the different disciplines. This is already a big step forwards, but they are still not there where they want to be.

 The final goal is to get successful and predictable projects, a shorter time to market, better Business-IT alignment and really being Agile within the whole organization."


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