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From Jared Spool:


"What started as a whisper in 2001 is now practically a force of nature: change is coming to the development process everywhere. Folks realized that to produce quality, competitive software, they had to change the way they approached the problem. Agile development is no longer a fad - it's the way people are getting software delivered.

Here we are in 2012 and the Agile wave has now started lapping up on the doorstep of the UX professional. When our teams move to Agile, it changes how we need to approach our work.

Our old methods no longer suffice, as they are too bulky and slow for the demands of the Agile process. Instead we need to come at our work with a renewed introspection of everything we do.

It would've been nice if we'd had a chance to prepare for this, but the shift to the new development process has taken many by surprise. The result is that we find many teams working in a very chaotic and frustrating world, similar to trying to change the tires while the car is still moving, as it were.

We've spent the last few months interviewing teams to understand what their biggest challenges are for this year when shifting their UX practice to an Agile process. While we've been cataloging the challenges, we've also uncovered several opportunities that we think could make us faster and more effective overall, thus living up to the promise of both Agile and UX: delivering better products."


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