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From UX Matters:

Is agile a dirty word in your company or among the members of your UX team? Do you hear the term lean UX and groan? It’s okay—and not really surprising—if your answer is yes. Agile is hard, and we all know it. But since agile is likely to stick around for a while, I’m sure you’ve thought about how to make it easier.

However, the question shouldn’t be how to make it easy; rather, it should be about understanding why agile is so hard in the first place. That way, we can get at the root problems and maybe have some hope of turning what can be a frustrating experience into an amazing one.

By nature, designers are well-organized and linear people. Logical flow is something we can grasp easily. We work well within structure. We are perfectionists and want all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed. We thrive on recognition and success. But being agile or lean goes against these tendencies and forces us to step into an uncomfortable zone.

There are three aspects to this discomfort that I think majorly impact our experience of the agile philosophy and methodology that I think are worth considering:

  1. We deceive ourselves that being agile means you don’t need a vision.
  2. We don’t understand the pace that an iterative process requires.
  3. We don’t allow enough space for experimentation and failing within a safe environment.

- See more at:http://uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2013/08/why-agile-is-so-hard.php#s...

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