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Was wondering when it comes to Computer VS Mobile which would really out smart the other.

I use a windows mobile phone, where in i am able to do most of the things which i can do with the comp expect complex calculation (Spread sheets), Design and diagrams etc. But on the other hand Mobile give me the flexibility of being mobile. :)

Do you really believe that one day Mobile will replace Computers?

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Mobile will continue to be an extension of the experience - but I doubt it will ever completely replace the computer. It's extremely valuable to have immediate access to your stuff, wherever you are, but we are not always mobile and I suspect we will always have need/use for a larger/better/more robust experience that better fits the office or home environment.

What I think is most exciting is that we are seeing different types of computing experiences that match the needs of the environment. The MS Surface is a good example of this. The hotel I stayed at last week had one in their lobby. It lacked many of the advanced features found in my laptop - but was perfectly suited for the tasks at hand (e.g. finding restaurants, hailing cabs, making reservations).



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