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I'm writing a 6 page paper on "Design & Usability for Handheld devices: An Interaction Designers Introductory Guide."

My instructor has been of little or no help during this class. She actually has made this class more confusing. But that's irrelevant right now...

Does anyone have any guidance or advice to give me? Where should I start? Where should I be looking?

Here are the topics the paper MUST cover:
- Provide a basic anatomy or architecture of handheld devices; components and elements of the
handheld experience to be successful.

- Present a brief History of the evolution of handheld devices.

- Define the "mobile and handheld" user persona. Who are these user groups? What are their backgrounds, objectives, needs and usage patterns? Who are we designing for?

- Discuss the challenges of designing for small screen interactions. Why they are important for designers to understand as they enter this space. How are they different from designing for the "Big Screen"?

- What can you provide a designer who is starting in this field with to use on day one of a "mobile and handheld design project" for a client?

There you have it.

Should I be doing interviews or surveys?

Thanks for any help you can throw my way.

Warmest Regards,

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