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Although it looks like a very small item in the overall development process but believe me it could be a game changer since users might leave or complete the process depending on this small piece.

During one of my a recent user testing, almost all of the users, across all age groups failed to retype in the correct password. The password mismatched for all the users but one which prompted me to research on the best possible approach. While I could find only divided opinions & options but no clear statistics on which one fits the bill best for tablets & mobile - I thought of mentioning my story here.

Now clearly in this case the Show/Hide functionality was missing. But it wasn't easy to convince the project team to include this functionality since it involves another secure data to be toggled on & off on user's discretion.

But it wasn't over even after everybody's buy-in.

Now there was another debate - best possible visual treatment. The contenders were:

1) Radio button under both the Password & Retype password fields

2) An eye icon toggle on the right of each field

While we were deciding, I stumbled upon another innovative approach which was much more simpler then the 'eye icon' which nobody noticed (by the way) during further testings. Here it is as the first option (with Show/Hide as an icon on right of the field).

The file is attached. I hope this was useful.

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