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Start with "Don't Make Me Think" book by Steve Krug to understand web usability. Realistic examples from famous websites are very easy to understand the complicated world of usability. I've created PPT which covers the whole book or you can say compressed version of the book.

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Thanks for making the nice set of slides, Rekha. They nicely summarize the book.
Actually this PPT is 2 years old. When I see this now, I feel I can still refine and make it better. I'm glad that you guys found it good. Check this site: http://www.slideshare.net/ you can get lots of useful presentations.
Thanks for sharing this! I love this book and still refer back to it from time to time. Another book I have enjoyed reading recently but not entirely related to usability is "Designing the obvious" by Robert Hoekman Jr. Very good read.


The book (2nd edition) was published in 2006, and the examples are quite old. The book's Web site http://www.sensible.com/ has more up to date resources.
@ Russell Smith and @ Jin Zhao, thanks for sharing your views.

Thanks Jin for the updates. 



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