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How would I start redesigning an intranet website in my organisation?

Any idea what is the approach in redesigning or revamping the intranet website after initial Heuristic Evaluation?

I have got a decent chance to evaluate the intranet website in my organization and start redesigning it with usability in mind. So I have done Heuristic evaluation and submitted a report based on Neilson’s Principles. Now how do I approach in this context as I am the only CUA in the team? What do you think is my first step after this?

As I am the only guy over here and am confused how & where to start? I will be glad if someone could provide an insight on what is the process most of the companies do follow and with how many in the team?

Appreciate your response.


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Has your Heuristic evaluation been based on User testing?  Have you watched people using different areas of the site and seen what the issues are? On your report based on Neilson's Principles which would then be the highest priority in the light of User testing? Does any user testing reflect a good distribution of the types of users you have? What issues from the users could you sort out first to improve their experience and get some good feedback and create lots of user benefits?

Hi Neil, At the moment, I have done just heuristic evaluation not based on user testing...

Secondly my question is... this can be acheived by one person in the team? or how this can be taken forward. In my organisation my management has less knowledge in this usability aspect. How challenge is to convice the management? What could be the approach? I see that here there are other factors influencing the process like no specific budget allocated, work with only opensource, minimal team for now, in managerial point of view like "I don't like the current design, can you come up with good visual design etc.,"

One person in the team can improve things, your heuristic evaluation is one step in the process, next would be user testing. This doesn't need to cost lots of money necessarily. Depends where your users are. Are your users in Bangalore, could they visit you, you visit them, do something on a webjoin? Do you have thousands of users, hundreds?  What are the typical types of users? Are they mostly male, female, young, old, businessmen, doctors, so you concentrate on types of people who represent your users and get them to do some user testing. It only needs to take a few hours.  Maybe less. Challenge is to convince the management. The management probably want profit, sales, growth, customers. Profit, sales, growth & customers come from having a website that attracts, that captures interest, that looks like it can give customers what they want, that is easy to navigate, to search, to see what it is about, that looks neat, that has simple ways of getting things done like finding out about your products or services, that enable them to order things easily, to know where they are in the navigation if they get disturbed and go back to it, to make it easy for them to go back if they have gone in the wrong direction, that is simple, quick, gives them feedback. If it is easy to find out about your products and order them, or contact you, (it can be very frustrating for customers if there is no contact us with contact methods that work) then you are more likely to please customers who then come back or who perhaps tell their friends/colleagues.  There is also the understanding that people scan pages, don't read everything, people are in a hurry to get things done in our busy world, so make it easy for customers.


Yesterday I was sent an email by an organisation, and then replied to it, and then was told I had to put my reply on a website, that the email address I replied to was not going to be read. I have told that organisation, a very famous one that needs its supporters, that such poor organisation won't help it keep its customers shall we say.


You must make it easy for your customers, see how they use your site, what problems they have. Even the fact of getting their opinions and help might help to show you are a forward looking company intent on giving good service. Your management might like that idea. Life is simple when we think about what motivates others. What motivates your managers, what motivates your customers?

If your site is intranet only, then perhaps customers won't be visiting it, however, there might be ways that the site can help your colleagues do their work better. Be more efficient and be able to generate more customers. If it is an intranet site, it should be even easier to get user testing done if you show management how it might help the company.

Hi Neil, Thank you for the information and prompt response.

 I will do my best to follow these. Much Appreciated.



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