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Seek an advice on displaying "Search Box" and "Result Data Table"

In one of web application I am working there's a requirement to display enrolled customers data in report format. The page will have a Search Box (accordion) to search Customers records with specific attributes and the result will get displayed below the search box in table format. User has option to perform multiple actions on the individual Customer Record.

I seek an advice on a scenario when user is arriving on the page using a navigation what should be the default state of page? There are two opinion among the team members.

Option A

- Search Box will be in collapsed (closed) state.

- Result Table will display few (50/100/200) records out of thousands/hundred thousands total records based on some business logic. (Sorted by recently enrolled customers or customers who has made transactions recently etc.)

- User will get more results either by browsing through pagination or by using a search box to get appropriate result.

Reasons for proposal :

- Users will get some data to perform actions.

- If user is not satisfied with default result set still they have opportunity to use a search box to get appropriate result

Option B

- The page will have only Search Box in expanded (open) state.

- No default result data will be displayed in table format. 

- User must have to search to get appropriate data.

Reasons for proposal :

- There's ambiguity around what logic should be applied to display default result data. After some data analysis it's found that there are 3 major attributes users are using to sort the data. But all 3 categories have almost equal weightage. 

- Since there are hundred thousands of records it's better to have users input to fetch the records.

Can someone validate which is the most user friendly approach? Or is there any other approach to take.

Thanks in advance.

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