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Eric Schaffer's Blog – February 2010 Archive (3)

Good UX Leaders and Bad UX Leaders

I've written a lot about the importance of executive championship and governance in supporting the institutionalization of a user centric design capability. There is no question that that is a prerequisite. But, a second key to success is a leader who will run the internal usability organization. This leader will be full time working on UX issues. And the quality of this leader is profoundly important. The ideal head of this group will have a deep understanding of the organization, excellent… Continue

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A Place at the Table

Everyone is fighting for a place at the table. There was a time when we had no chance and we would sit off in a corner, twiddling our radio buttons. But those times are changing.

The success of a program of institutionalization of usability does not hinge on brilliant design. You need brilliant design, but it is hardly the critical thing. It does not hinge on methods, and standards, and templates. It does not hinge on staffing or even…


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The Wave is Finally Here

I've been waiting for ten years or more. And after all that time of so many of us pushing, and praying, and writing, and teaching, it has finally happened. We should probably have a party. But I for one don't have time.

It's 4am in Dubai airport. I'm headed home to India for a week. Then a month in Bombay, Africa, and then Germany. At each stop there is a new phenomena - clients who have hired us for guidance in the Institutionalization of Usability. About time!

I started… Continue

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