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We got some great questions from viewers of our webcast, "Cloud UX: The Next Generation in Institutionalization" that I'd like to share here:

Is Cloud UX like faceted search facility on an organized & indexed repository?

This would be a partial solution. The problem is that the search against a set of documents becomes problematic as the number of documents gets large. Lets say you simply want to understand an environment (take an xray room). The metatag will yield 50 documents that involve an xray room and you have to read all 50 to get a picture. This gets to be so difficult that you just go ask a friend. In UXE you drop in the environment stamp and it tells you exactly which users, scenarios,artifacts, needs (etc) we have found in an xray room. That is a simple and common case, but try that with your repository.

Does cloud UX have to be client specific?
Only for security reasons. Otherwise it could be universal. Hmmmm. Maybe we will do an open source type of thing some day! Something world sized!

How do we start with the process of implementing Cloud UX in our organization?

1. any standards/guidelines
2. any process to be followed

3. templates that might help one get started?

It is a bit involved. Organizations that use UXE get initial help in setup, and there are ongoing projects like standard
customization and ecosystem research ath can be pretty important.

Do you think that building cloud infrastructure can surpass user research after a time?
It can surpass RE-researching stuff. Research will be needed. But it will add to, and update the cloud.

I can see a huge benefit using this tool for those working with a certain type of "community" of
users. Is this tool you are speaking about based on relational database

technology? Is it only available through HFI? Was is the exact name of the tool?

It is an ASP offering called UX Enterprise™ and only available through HFI.

How is this beyond a wiki with tags?
I hear from everyone that Wikis just break after awhile. The folksonomy becomes unwieldy to say the least. They are probably worse then the repository described in the first question.

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