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CUA of the Month, Sergey Sinyakov – March, 2013

Sergey Sinyakov

Senior UI/UX Architect


Enter Usability in Stopping Identity Theft

by Jim Garrett

A topic that is coming more to the forefront these days is identity theft and cyber attack. Whether is it attacks on companies for their product and customer information or attacks on individuals for their personal information, it is happening and it’s happening big time.

One such company, CSID, is in the business to protect companies and individuals from these breeches. With CSID’s enterprise-level solutions, businesses can take a proactive approach to protecting the identities of their consumers all around the world.

For these tools to be effective, they must be efficient and effective for the user. This is where our Certified Usability Analyst of the month Sergey Sinyakov enters the picture.

Sergey is Senior UI/UX Architect at CSID.

Your company, CSID, deals with identity theft protection that has become so prevalent in the news lately.

This has been a problem across industries but our company was one of the first ones that started doing something about it. I think it is going to get only bigger from now on because information is really a commodity now. There’s no real way of avoiding going online or using the web-based applications, so more and more information is going to become at risk. You have to share information that you wouldn’t do otherwise and you don’t have full control over how it’s stored or protected.

What is the risk of sharing information?

When you go online and they ask you to share information, you don’t know how it is protected. You don’t know if the merchant, or whoever is accepting your information, whether they have the skills to protect your information. There’s a big market out there, a black market that is growing rapidly that deals with personal information--anything from identity information to financial information. That threat is growing rapidly as more people go online and certainly the thieves are out there. Twitter was just compromised a couple of days ago.

So you build products for companies to help protect their clients, their customers from identity theft?

Pretty much. We analyze and store a lot of data and we also build applications that allow people to monitor their information online.

Can you give me an example?

One company we work with basically guarantees that they’ll protect your identity, that nobody will be able to open credit cards or bank accounts in your name. Most of the tools and the information that they’re actually selling is maintained and developed by our team. Although our company is in the background, we interact with the subscribers pretty much directly. Not only do we provide services that the companies resell, but also the applications that we build are the ones that customers use, whether it’s under our partners’ or our company name. We actually build the interface and connect it with the applications themselves so the information that we store is sort of powering the tools that users get access too.

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