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First Example:


Today our office in Mumbai called me in to look at a project plan to create public banking sites for an important client.  During the last 10 years we have done over 20 projects for this client.  And they had asked us to develop their next generation of unauthenticated sites.  The project had been planned by our top technical lead in the office, and it came in at about $220,000 USD.  But what our lead did not know is that HFI has a generic set of scenarios for unauthenticated banking.  They were just completed.  And having those in place let us cut the project cost by $42,000.  We used remote card sort to get at the target customer’s mental model.  And live usability testing to make sure we were on track. 

Second Example:

We are just starting a project to plan the digital strategy for a bank’s suite of ATMs.  We will sort out the best configuration; so that customers know where to go, so costs are contained, and so customers are generally migrated to the digital channels.  Great project, but even through we have worked for this bank for five years, we have never once worked on their ATMs.  It seemed like we pretty much needed to start from scratch.  But I noticed there was an ATM Environment listed, and I checked what we knew from previous work.  It turned out, by just clicking on ‘Explore This Object’ I found that we already had ATM scenarios, users, and even PET research showing the drives and blocks around ATMs.  We were able to remove about $50,000 USD from the project plan, but reusing the data accumulated from several different projects that had touched on the ATM space.



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