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New Marriott Site... usable for sure, but is it missing an opportunity?

Recently, when making hotel arrangements for an upcoming business trip I went to Marriott.com and was pleasantly surprised at their new home page. The focus of the new design is a set of six cleanly arranged cards. Each card is a task or intent one might have for being at the site (is it just me or does the aspect ratio of the cards look like make them look very iPhone/Droid/Pre app-like?. I could easily see the hotel search being an app on my iPhone). The home page is a model of clean, usable intent- based design. But, is it too clean? Are opportunities being missed?

For contrast, look at Westin's home page: small footprint content on top of a full screen picture and framing message: "Tap into your sense of adventure"

Who do you think has it right?

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Comment by Abhijit Thosar on April 6, 2010 at 9:09am
Interesting approach by Marriott... well, it's not fully an intent-based design... pack of cards seems to be a mix of marketing messages and useful utilities

Card that I miss upfront is Marriott Rewards... probably most extensively visited part of Marriott website considering they have a very customer-friendly and successful loyalty program...


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