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I'm in Africa for two extra weeks. But I don't much mind
as I'm getting to see a plan come together. As usual, we have been
helping align the institutionalization of UX and at the same time we
have been helping tactically to do essential UX work. We have limited
the damage of some train wrecks about to happen. And now we have
completed a new, far reaching, and radical digital strategy; and we are
starting to push that toward actual net and mobile designs. But the real
excitement for me is seeing the maturity of the organization move.

We are in full swing reworking the design methodology. We are making it standard that analysts must model taskflows as well as processes. We have process walk-throughs with
the central UX team as mandatory, with signoff of the process (BEFORE a
single screen is drafted). We have been setting up full capabilities
for the central UX staff to do formative testing (including having
methods, templates, training, and mentoring). The first live test is
next month. We have been laying the methods, personas, and templates in
to the UXE framework so that this whole exercise can persist and grow.

But the real interesting work is seeing the shift in thinking, process, and culture. We are starting to get people away from just coding a list of functions. It does mean I
have to find a way to get my laundry done. But it feels well worth it.

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Comment by Eric Schaffer on August 28, 2010 at 2:20am
Thanks for that. It is a pleasure to see how many organizations are moving toward serious industrial strength UX work. The amazing uptake on the organizational certification program proves this I think.
Comment by Anindita Paul on August 27, 2010 at 11:52pm
I would like to congratulate you on your effort :).


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