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Now that PET has been tamed and is ready to be harnessed, the question of petting the PET artistically and carefully to an optimum arousal takes the center stage. We now know why to persuade and how to persuade, but do we still know when to persuade and how much to persuade ?
It almost reflects the classical question of science vs. art. We know the science of persuasion and now we have to develop the art of applying it. Ethics of persuasion is one issue and no doubt a major one, but here I wish to take on an equally pressing issue to professionals in persuasion, the consideration for optimal intensity of the techniques for intended effect.
But before we do that, there are some questions that arise in my mind. Do the persuasion techniques impact all user groups to same level, across cultures, gender, education, experience, age and class ? Do the persuasion techniques affect to same extent in all situations and moods? Is there a factor of time constraint for decision making in the impact created by persuasion techniques? The answer to these questions would also help unlock the question of intensity in persuasion that has been raised above.
As PET has been very newly married to the Interaction design, probably because the marriage with Usability was not completely satisfying, the researches into the dynamics of the relationship between PET and ID would happen in due time. Even then, as professionals, we cannot wait for the new knowledge but lead and coerce it to happen.
While we keep the awareness that this knowledge would surface in due time, at the same time we need to have a strategy to cruise along. Sharing the experiences across the professionals has been a time tested method of boosting the new knowledge creation and I feel it applies to the PET profession as well.

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