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South Africa: An Emerging Market Report by Institute of Customer Experience

The diversity of South Africa is on one hand a treasure that should be preserved and people still do recognize its importance and carry forward their cultural values. On the other hand, the very same diversity is a challenge for policy makers, marketers, advertisers, government and other institutions that want to reach out to greater masses and those who look for scalability. 

However, the “mobile first” generation is the answer. The mobile revolution has introduced the people in South Africa to the power of social media, enabled them to open and operate bank accounts, helped them level their healthcare needs and now it is being used in many more avenues with greater possibilities. 

This report aggregates the current trends to showcase the possibilities. Further on, it challenges the designers and innovators by planting the Brainstorming Seeds that will grow on to become possibilities of tomorrow—to build a more prosperous and vibrant Rainbow Nation! 

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