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UX Strategy: Let’s Stop Building Usable Wrong Things

New HFI white paper – A conversation with Dr. Eric Schaffer


UX Strategy starts with executive intent. The intent may be to differentiate in order to maintain market share in a competitive market. Or to minimize service and equipment costs. Or to expand into mobile.

There's a need in companies to have a golden thread connection from executive intent all the way through to the detailed design, coding, and release. Without a comprehensive UX strategy, often there's a break from executive intent through design and you end up with “usable wrong things.”

In this white paper, Eric Schaffer, CEO of Human Factors International, discusses how UX Strategy translates executive intent into a clear strategic direction by defining a motivation strategy unique to specific users and creating a seamless cross channel solution. Dr. Schaffer talks about:

  • The importance of understanding what motivates users
  • Critical imperative of cross-channel integration
  • How a fully deployed UX strategy stops the creation of misaligned solutions

"Usability people have forever been in the position of finding themselves designing ausable wrong thing. If you don't deal at the higher level with the question of what you're trying to design and how it fits in with other things, then it's catastrophic."

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