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I recently got back in touch with my undergraduate advisor, Dr. Jennifer
Dyck. I hadn't visited the SUNY Fredonia website in a few years, and
was delighted to find that she had a paper recently published in Ergonomics
in Design
. (As an aside, I was also happy to see that my
independent study research was listed on her
!) It turns out that I was actually a participant for this
study as a student in Dr. Dyck's Intro to Human Factors course! The
paper is about the benefits of an assignment where we redesigned the
standard exit sign, citation as follows:

Dyck, J.L. (2009). Creative design solutions as a class exercise. Ergonomics in Design, 17
(1), 6 - 7.

It made me really happy to think back to the times I spent in Fredonia, particularly in this course. It was my last
semester, and I still wasn't completely sure what type of career I
wanted to apply my psychology degree to. Thankfully, I took this HF
course on my advisor's suggestion, and it ultimately changed my life!
Dr. Dyck is a very inspirational professor, and I owe the spark that lit
my love for human factors and design to her.

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