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Work Smarter: Object-Oriented User Experience Design

In this paper, Dr. Eric Schaffer, Founder and CEO of Human Factors International, talks about how UX practitioners can work faster, cheaper, and better by moving away from organizing just for individual projects and moving toward object-oriented user experience design.

In this free white paper:

  • What is Object-Oriented User Experience Design?
  • How does sharing of UX objects work within an organization, and how should it work?
  • What is a UX Object?
  • Why is doing UX different on large scale than doing it on a small scale?
  • How does a company get started on an object-oriented approach to UX?

“In the future, we’ll find that UX professionals will work, not based on ad hoc memories, but from a shared, documented, tool-based environment.”

Download this white paper

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