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Wunderlist's Cross-Platform Acquisition & Onboarding Process

Acquisition is about acquiring new users, this is a fairly daunting task given the number of apps exploding in the app stores. Effective user acquisition strategies are of great importance and vital to success.

Onboarding is the process of familiarizing people with a new system. It’s like a tour guide, helping new users get started by providing a sense of direction using tips, instructions, defaults, etc., so they can quickly engage with the product. Justin Singeremphasizes the importance of onboarding and key points to consider when designing for it:

Onboarding is the process of turning a first-time user into a repeat customer during the user’s first interaction with your product. It’s what occurs in the time between when a user registers for your product and when a user passes judgment on it. A successful onboarding session will convince a first-time user to become a repeat customer by:
  • Explaining how to use the product,
  • Demonstrating the product’s value, and
  • Being emjoyable.

Read full article in UX Magazine:

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Comment by Jessica Muñiz Witmer on April 13, 2012 at 9:58pm

thank you for sharing, this looks like a great article.


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