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November 2009 Blog Posts (6)

A Brief History of Time

Ok, I’m no Steven Hawking, but let me give you a brief history of time. The monkey-type character lasted about one million years, slowly fading away. Then until about 30,000 years ago, we shared planet earth with only a couple of walking apes. Now we are 6.5 billion people, growing by an exponential 80 million per year.

We separate ourselves from other mammals due to consciousness. We blindly

feel our collective intelligence and… Continue

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World Usability Day Essay Contest Winners

Thank You ALL so much for the brilliant essays. We had many that saw the UX role as designing more efficient and pleasurable things. These were all good. But the winners see it differently. They see the UX job as redesigning the aspirations and lifestyles that have gotten us into this mess. We have a whole new world to design and I think that our field is up to it.


*Tim Kieschnick

*Dave… Continue

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Happy World Usability Day!

Wow we even have our own day of recognition!

Tell me, what will you do to contribute to WUD? Educate your co-workers, family members, create a better interface, improve an old interface, or simply think about our IA/UI ancestors?

For example my favorite IA from the 1700's Carl Linneaus the name giver:

"Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus was an early information architect. He believed that every kind of plant and animal on Earth should be named and classified."… Continue

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Do as the Dutch - Sex, Drugs and Pee Pee? - And how does this relate to HFI...

Having lived in the Netherlands for some time and visiting often, on my last trip I realized something about the dutch as I sat at a cafe in Leidseplein and watched men using urinals in the middle of the square...yes, you read correctly, urinals out in the open, men all around, and thousands of people as their spectators.

This pic was actually taken on Queens Day, however the urinals are still being used.

The dutch have this… Continue

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Where is a good chart when you need it?

HFI Trainer John Sorflaten, PhD, CPE, CUA, discusses guidelines for creating online decision tools.

Remember the Challenger O-ring debacle? On 28 January, 1986 NASA managers had to decide if the circular rubber rings used to join sections of the orbital spaceship could perform. Unusually cold for the Florida launch pad, temperatures had dipped to about 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 degrees Celsius). Pretty cold for rubber O-rings that must flex to work.

In a… Continue

Added by Diane Chojnowski on November 5, 2009 at 5:30pm — 2 Comments

Case Study: Applying Neuro Web Design to a web site for "Creative Wealth Building"

Nick Pfennigwerth took his old site:

and applied some of the principles in my book, Neuro Web Design: What makes them click? Here is what Nick wrote to me:

“What I found most interesting and what I applied the most was activating the old brain. If you go to, www.creative-wealthbuilding.com/what-are-smart-goals.html , I used your methods for activating… Continue

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