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CIO Magazine Q&A: App Developers Need to Pay Attention to Usability - with Eric Schaffer

App Developers Need to Pay Attention to Usability

CIO Magazine — Eric Schaffer is one of the foremost authorities on usability, a hot topic as companies scramble to produce mobile apps and online interfaces. But Schaffer, founder and CEO of Human Factors International, a usability consulting and training company, says many organizations fail to consistently create a good user experience (UX) because they haven't established a complete, professional UX practice. That's the subject of his latest book, Institutionalization of UX: A Step-by-Step Guide to a User Experience Practice, which comes out this fall.



Are executives implementing strong UX practices?

Some organizations are quite far along, some are lost in the weeds. Ninety percent of the companies we work with have internal UX people and organizations. But how mature they are, how properly integrated they are, that's another question.

Executives will say that basic usability is table stakes, but few are good at [advanced practices such as] UX strategy, UX-based innovation, design for complex ecosystems, persuasion engineering and cross-cultural design.

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